Sally Barnes | Dog WhispererHi I’m Sally Barnes - I’m delighted to meet you

My approach, not just as a dog trainer or behaviourist, but as a dog whisperer, is to help you understand your dog and its behaviour, which will allow you to communicate better. I aim to create happy owners and happy dogs - you'll be able to bond with your pet during training and enjoy the freedom that developing a good relationship will give you.

I have years of professional experience from puppy training to severe behavioural problems and rehabilitation. Read some of my testimonials to find out what I can do for you - like Riley the German Shepherd, which sums up exactly why I do what I do!

Watch the videos below by scrollig down. This will give you the best idea of me and my training methods.

Based in Bristol, I operate NATIONWIDE via video call. Please email me to get started or learn more about me and my methods from this website - start by scrolling down to see my videos.




Walking on and off the lead need to be exactly the same.

Heel work, watch command and recall. Please note, he's working for me, not treats - I am the treat!

A wait, a good retrieve, a rapid down and a beautiful recall.

My credentials

I have been re-habilitating and training dogs for many years. The best place to find out more about the results of my training is by reading my extensive testimonials and success stories section of the website.

Scroll down for more videos. To find out more about what I do as a dog whisperer and how it works please get in touch.


Ira video testimonial from Rae

Harper, a rescue Sprocker Spaniel. Review from Pat and Steve

Angie and Bobbi walking training

Angie and Bobbi come, sit and down.

Angie and Bobbi testimonial

Izzy video testimonial

Ele video testimonial

Dudley update from Carolyn.

Carolyn Lymn and Dudley, the miniature dachshund

Dudley walking nicely.

Calm, relaxed Dudley.

How Sally Saved Digby - video testimonial by Jen and Matt

Sharon and Scooby the Bullmastiff video testimonial


Tommy the Border Collie video testimonial from Rosie.


Lucy and Arlo video testimonial

Video testimonial from Rachel

Alfie video testimonial

Adele Balzan video testimonial

Nellie video testimonial

Amy and Atlas testimonial

"As a doctor I am very aware of the psychology of the doctor-patient consultation. Having witnessed Sally in action working with dogs I can only say the she is truly gifted. This is both in her ability to understand, and communicate with the dogs, but also their owners. Within minutes she understands and appreciates the problems, and is able to bring about behaviour change in a way that is natural for the dog. I cannot recommend Sally highly enough."
Dr Alison Bedlow MBBS FRCP

"Sally is wonderful! I highly recommend her. If you are having issues with your canine friend(s) then contact Sally Barnes. She will provide you with the tools, techniques and coach both you and the dog on good behavior. She is a breath of fresh air!"
Sindy Matthews, client

"Sally is a genius with dogs. She has a unique empathy with all our canine friends & has them literally eating out of her hands immediately. She is a great dog trainer who gets results with dogs & their owners and makes it all fun. Sally has a special aura which animals respond to positively. She is remarkable."
Jim Brown, client

"We have referred many people to Sally whose dogs are showing a range of problem behaviours, from aggression towards other dogs and people, to dogs who just do not listen to their owners. Sally is invaluable for assisting owners whose dogs will not respond well to class situations which may over-stress or over-excite them. I have had very positive feed-back from people who have used Sally’s services.  She has an understanding approach to people, is easy-to-get along with but firm enough to encourage people to make the changes necessary to allow them to have a dog which they are happy to own."
Sally Batchelor, Stratford Dog Training Club


Don't take my word for it - see me in action!

Nervous Collie trusting in the leadership walk


This new video is an example of good loose lead walking.


This video demonstrates how to start training your dog inside the house and later taking that training outside.


Here are some examples of what can be achieved with my system.


The above film demonstrates that I have trained my dogs not to react to horses, cyclists, other dogs, joggers and sheep, and in fact, anything other than my commands, while having fun on a walk. This is the standard you can expect to achieve from implementing my methods.

Latest updates

I was contacted via my website by the owner of a well known stud farm in Normandy France. He asked if I would go to the 360 acre organic stud farm for a week and help him with his nine dogs! Yes - seven pups and their parents - you couldn’t make it up!
Wilf is turning into a happy and well balanced little dog - having been hyperactive and verging on aggressive.