Our dog, Aggie, has always been an energetic, spirited and fun-loving puppy. We were new to dog ownership when we adopted her at 10 weeks old and (like all new parents) read every puppy book we could get our hands on. Whilst we made some progress, at around 8 months Aggie started barking and whining in the night. As we live in a flat, our neighbours complained and we kept having to go to her in the night, despite knowing this was not the right thing to do. After doing this for about 6 weeks, we realised things had plateaued so we searched for dog trainers and came across Sally's website.

I spoke with Sally about our problem and she immediately knew what the problem was and how to help us. We read her testimonials and watched her videos and decided to book in a consultation. The consultation is a difficult and emotional process! Sally is firm but fair and told us "like it is" (which, on reflection, we really needed). She told us that Aggie was "living at the Ritz" in our home, and didn't need to do anything to please us. We didn't realise how wrong we'd got it until we spoke to Sally. After our discussion, Sally guided us on how to walk Aggie on her lead around the flat and into her pen. We were very nervous as Aggie has always barked and whined as soon as she goes into the pen so we had given up using it after around two weeks. We couldn't believe the transformation in our dog when we followed Sally's instructions. Aggie walked straight in and did not cry or bark once. Following the call we followed Sally's instructions and had a quiet and peaceful night - absolutely no barking or whining. We couldn't believe it!

We know that it is only early days but Sally's advice and guidance has taught us that we need to change how we think and how we treat Aggie. She needs and deserves to be treated like a dog - not our baby!

We would like to thank Sally again for giving us the wake up call we needed.

Alex & Adam