Annie the Sproodle

Annie the Sproodle

Annie is our 14 week old sproodle puppy. As first time dog owners we so desperately wanted to make sure we got it right.

Sally isn’t mincing her words when she says she is the dog whisperer. We were amazed at how quickly Annie responded and wanted to work for her immediately. Sally has in incredible calm, sensitive but assertive way with dogs. We learned so much in our short time with her. We knew we needed to be pack leaders but had no idea how.

It became very clear that Annie was running circles around us. After she left, we made a few simple changes in how we deal with Annie and so far so good! We will continue to action what we have been taught. It is so reassuring to know Sally is just a phone call away if we need her. I am sure we will! It’s a long journey but we are so pleased we sought help early on so we can enjoy as much time as possible with our lovely puppy.

I cannot believe the difference being calm, silent and using the hand when putting her in the crate has made. We have a transformed puppy!

Thank you so much, Sally. We will recommend you to absolutely everyone!