Bella the Cocker Spaniel

We contacted Sally after having a number of incidents with our dog behaving aggressively on walks with other dogs. There were mixed feelings within the family about whether Bella needed this sort of intervention but after only one day of the new routine we can all see the benefits. We realised we all feel better knowing that we are in control of her at all times and that the fearful behaviour she was displaying was because we weren't stepping up as leader of her pack. We have a long way to go but are inspired by how well behaved Sally's dogs are and aspire to stress-free dog walks in the future.

During the training Sally was assertive but patient. We soon realised why our much loved pet found meeting some dogs scary and Sally explained clearly the techniques we needed to adopt to change her behaviour. We were left with important notes to refer to keep us all on track and the correct equipment to complete the training.

Thank you for enabling us to enjoy our dog wherever we may be.

The Murray family