Billy the Labrador

Billy the Labrador

We had come to the stage with Billy where we dreaded taking him out or having people round due to his aggressive behaviour. After spending just two hours with Sally I can already start to see positive changes. Was the experience what we expected? No -  so different  and the results (already!) so much better. If I am honest, nothing Sally said was a surprise, but ensuring we reflected on our own behaviour and the impact that has had on Billy’s behaviour (seeing it from his perspective) was really the key to understanding that we needed to make changes! Sally’s forthright manner was refreshing and ensured we listened and took everything onboard. I am sure we will have bumps in the road but I already feel so much more positive!




My wife booked our appointment with Sally as we were both at our limits with Billy’s behaviour when out. I have to admit, I was slightly sceptical at first and thought I was doing what was best for Billy. However, within 1/2 hour of our first appointment I understood where we were going wrong. Some of Sally’s messages were difficult to hear but all made complete sense and so obvious! Within a couple of days we already have a different dog and I am excited about the dog we will have at the end of the process.