Recent activities in Bristol from Sally Barnes, dog trainer & whisperer. From dog care to problem behaviour, Sally covers it all.

Sally appears again on BBC Radio Bristol - May 2018

Sally was the invited guest expert on BBC Radio Bristol's Ask the Expert to answer questions about dog behaviours.

Sally appears on BBC Radio Bristol

Sally shares her expertise with Laura Rawlings on BBC Radio Bristol with help from Kevin, one of her clients.

Dog attacks on the rise

In an article asking whether more can be done to prevent dog attacks, law firm Simpson Millar interview Sally about her work.

Addressing Dog Behavioural Problems

My methods can successfully resolve problems you may have with your dog and their unwanted behaviours - different types of aggressive behaviours, chasing cars, barking, biting and pulling at the lead.

What is a Dog Whisperer?

Since ancient times human beings have interacted with dogs or their predecessors, wolves. Early man learned how to communicate with dogs and wolves and trained them to do their bidding.

Pets As Therapy

I am proud to be a Pets As Therapy Dog

Here we are in the volunteer co-ordinations office after we did our rounds in the rehabilitation hospital as a Pets As Therapy dog.

Frightened of Dogs?

Sally-Jane, Ian and Sally's dogs Boy and Chiot
My husband is terrified of dogs, so when we are out walking I have got into the habit of continually swapping sides so that I am always between him and any passing dog. It was lovely to see him seeming so relaxed with your dogs.

Puppy Training: Creating a Balanced Dog

We are not all natural dog "parents", but my puppy training will ensure your new addition is calm, confident, and most importantly loves being yours.

To the rescue

Chiot with Sally's cat Lilac
Training Dressage Horses is all very well but a wild dog is quite another matter. Having re-habilitated a number of abused and misunderstood horses I thought that to rescue a dear little German Shepherd pup must be a piece of cake.
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