Addressing Dog Behavioural Problems

Sally and the packMy methods successfully resolve problems with most dogs and reduce/eliminate most types of unwanted behaviours (aggression, possessiveness, chasing cars/bikes/runners, barking, biting, pulling at the lead, recall problems and the list goes on...). If you experience any of these issues and would like some help, give me a call.

I often encounter people who have issues with dogs they have rehomed - I am called in to help families who are at the end of their tether and are on the verge of returning their rescued dog to the centre. Drawing on my own experience of rescuing and rehabilitating one of my dogs I am able to help you understand your dog better and to manage him or her in the best way possible enabling you to develop a rewarding and long-lasting relationship together.

I've worked with some extremely problematic dogs in my time and have been recommended by vets as a last resort for "hopeless" cases - many times saving dogs that were due to be put to sleep.

Most dog behaviour problems stem from the fundamental issue of leadership. Essentially, if you don’t adopt the role of leader (in the way that I can suggest i.e calm, controlled, non-agressive) then your dog will take control of you and decide to pull on the lead, chase bikes/cars, excessive barking, be aggressive to other dogs or even bite. The dog will think it’s in charge.

Redressing this balance is at the core of my work and the journey will be exciting, fun and hugely rewarding along the way. There is no quick fix but patience and understanding will be rewarded with a dog that wants to please you, rather than lead you.

Don't take my word for it - my testimonials demonstate that my methods work in reducing and resolving unwanted behaviours.