Dora the retired greyhound

Dora the retired greyhound

Sally is amazing. She watched my dog, a retired greyhound (Dora), walk around the house for a couple of minutes and immediately knew what the problems were! Dora was extremely anxious in her new surroundings, and some of the things I was doing to try to help were just making matters worse.

Some of Sally’s suggestions seemed surprising at first, but it was just a new way of looking at things. When I followed her advice I could see changes in Dora immediately and things have continued to improve.

Sally was very supportive and really easy to talk to. She wasn’t unnecessarily critical of what I had been doing until then, but simply explained a completely new approach which really works.

If you are having any problems with your dog’s behaviour at all, I couldn’t recommend Sally more highly. You honestly won’t believe the changes which are possible if you follow her advice!