Milo the Cocker Spaniel

The harsh reality of good behaviour! Dogs are innately wild, there’s a leader of any pack and if you allow them, your dog will lead your pack (family). This comes with issues, they set the rules, they control the situation and they aren’t led by you. What Sally taught us was something I can relate to my daily life at work, serving in the military there are leaders and followers, without leading my personnel they have no clear boundaries to operate to and ultimately can end up coming to harm or harming others. Remember you are the leader, the dog is your follower, don’t allow your dog harm others or ultimately come to harm by your ignorance to lead them.



I got in touch with Sally after searching for someone who could help me with my cocker spaniel who had nipped on two occasions. I knew we need help and after watching the incredible video of Sally and her dog, plus the outstanding reviews I knew she was the one to help us. I explained Milo's hyper behaviour and how I have allowed him to do whatever he wanted! Even dictate whether he walked or not!

Sally reassured me that she could help and provided me with an explanation as to why Milo was behaving in such a way. I had never taught him how to be calm and I had encouraged bad behaviour such as; allowing him to walk through doors first, having him upstairs, on the sofa, sleeping on the bed, the list goes on. Milo had lost all respect for me and as I was not stepping up to be his leader he was becoming the leader of the pack, as a consequence he was behaving like a wild dog.

My main worries of carrying out the training was that Milo wouldn’t be happy or that he would no longer feel loved!

Sally has taught me techniques on how to take back control, be his leader and still show him that I love him. Within days I was able to walk Milo on lead without him pulling! Which is something I NEVER thought would happen, I walk through doors first without him pushing me out of the way, he no longer runs through the house like a crazy dog and he’s much calmer. We still have a long way to go but I couldn’t be happier with the progress. Thank you Sally, you’re knowledge and experience has meant that Milo and me have a better relationship than ever before.