Nala the Bordoodle

Nala the Bordoodle

Nala was a tiny ball of fluff when we first got her and it was hard to imagine that our journey would be anything but joy and happiness. How hard could it be!? How naive we were!

Once we got out and about, being around people became increasingly difficult as she would growl and bark at everyone and anyone. It became very stressful to watch and we had no idea how to make it better for her.

We kept on going with the puppy training classes but deep down I knew we needed more help as home life was also becoming tricky.

From the first phone call to Sally, I felt a sense of hope. Here was someone who seemed to understand our dog and genuinely wanted to help us.

In our session with Sally, she helped us realise that we had unintentionally created a very anxious and stressed dog who was desperately craving leadership. Sally was amazing explaining this to my two young children through role play. For the first time we were all able to see the world through Nala's eyes.

Our first walk with Nala after Sally's visit was a revelation! It felt so different to be leading her and communicating with her through the lead. People could see I was working her and were looking at us differently.

Normally I dread taking Nala to the vet but one phone call to Sally and she was by my side for the appointment. We left having faced fears and conquered them. Thank you Sally!

We cannot thank you enough Sally for our incredible session with you and the ongoing support you are giving us. It is early days but I know we are heading for a much happier and calmer future. Sally you are wonderful!

Many thanks,  Anoushka