Puppy Training: Creating a Balanced Dog

Puppy trainingIt's never too early to start helping your puppy become a balanced dog.

We are not all natural dog "parents" and it's important to ensure from the beginning that your beautiful new addition to the family is calm, confident, and most importantly loves being yours.

You can begin training a puppy from as young as eight weeks and my methods go far beyond puppy training classes - guide with your energy and you'll have little need for tidbits. Do not allow your puppy to fail - It's about having the tools available so the puppy will succeed and he/she can avoid being told off and shouted at.

As adorable as your new baby is, he/she still needs you to be the pack leader and requires the correct puppy training from the start. This offers him/her leadership, safety, security, and in turn will eliminate unwanted behaviours before they begin. Most of those unwanted behaviours such as lead pulling, unnecessary barking or being agressive toward other dogs and people are rooted in your puppy having to think for itself and assume the role of pack leader.

German Shepherd Puppy

I can coach you and your puppy to better understand each other and it's this insight that is the clear defining factor between a dog who you will be 100% proud of instead of one that develops annoying habits. I'd be delighted to help you nurture your latest addition to the family and help develop their unique character.

If you would like to find out more about my puppy training, please just contact me. Alternatively, you can explore the rest of this website to find out more about my techniques and read some of my previous successes.