Riley the German Shepherd

Riley the German Shepherd

Hi Sally

Just had to email you about the first training session on Thursday.

Could not believe how the dog behaved as soon as you walked into our house. His behaviour changed immediately it was as though you were talking to him in his own language.

After having Riley, German Shepherd, 21 months, since a puppy and attending a years worth of 'puppy training' classes how wrong we have been.

We have let him down. We have not shown him a Pack Leader, we thought we were doing all the right things but have let him rule us and not given him the boundaries he needs. We do not need to call, shout, whistle, the body language you have shown us to use says it all.

Meeting you and understanding what the dog really needs from us has been totally amazing and could even be life changing. Already after one session with you our minds are now focused on the job in hand.

We are very grateful to you for getting us on track and look forward to the next session. 

Many thanks,


UPDATE: What can we say? After just a few sessions with Sally what a difference this has made to our lives. Our German Shepherd now has a Pack Leader - me! I can't believe the change in him and how submissive he has become. We can now walk in the front door without Riley rushing up to us, jumping, circling, excitable. Now he lies down, waits and then rolls over onto his back.

We contacted Sally because of the problems we had with lead walking. Little did we know that actually the dog was ruling the house. We have never had any real problems with Riley, no chewing, weeing or being destructive we thought he was fine. 

I am progressing with the lead walking - no more pulling, lots of circles, turns, sits etc. Riley is following me, not the other way around. I can't wait to get to the point of letting him off as Sally did recently at the local park. I was petrified he was going to run off. No, he stayed with his pack and ignored everything around him. I know the dog can do it. Its now down to the owner to conquer her nerves.  

Can't thank you enough Sally.


Riley the German Shepherd and owner Carina