Sherlock - nature at her best


Sherlock is a loving little dog but his recall has never been great. We have had numerous trainers, been to countless classes, spent twelve months using a long line, been advised to give high value treats, we tried seemingly everything. Things would work for a while and then he would revert to abscounding. He was a liabilty; running out of parks and across fields. I was at my witts end. Then I found Sally who in no uncertain terms pointed out that while Sherlock had a tendancy to be bossy he also was spoilt and I was the problem.

We stopped the high value treats, the sleeping on the bed etc and went back to square one. He sleeps downstairs in a crate and there was no crying right fom the first night. After a couple of days he just went in and waits when I open the gate till I say he can come through. He walks very nicely in the house on the lead. We are building up walks in the garden on the lead with no sniffing or stopping and I'm confident within a few days he'll be as relaxed walking in the garden as he is in the house.

I've asserted myself as the leader of the pack and Sherlock is learning to trust I mean what I say. I am positive that as we build on the intial work with Sally that Sherlock will very soon have perfect recall. At then we can live the life we want; long walks in the woods and on the beach off lead with our friends.

Sally's fee reflects her service. She is supportive and there when you need back up advice and guidance. I wish I had met her when Sherlock was a puupy as I would have saved a lot of time, money and effort it I had got things right first time round.