Success stories

From aggression to lead pulling, from puppies to rescue dogs, from Chihuahuas to Rottweilers and all crosses in-between, I have experienced all sorts of problem behaviours. Read more about my methods in these testimonials from some of my dog training clients.

Troublesome Terrier

My husband and I have two dogs. A Patterdale terrier cross and a Springer Spaniel. Just recently they have began fighting. At first they would only fight when we were around, until one day I came home to a horrific site.

Billy and Macey the Pointers

Sally with Billy and Macey the pointers
One of the great things about Sally is she does not make you feel stupid – I have felt like that with other trainers – I know I am the problem I was actually afraid to take Billy out for a walk.

Jackson the Flat-Coated Retriever

Sally, Venetia, David and Jackson the Flat-Coated Retriever
Sally has been of the most valuable help in the re-educating and training of our badly behaved five and a half year old Flat coated Retriever.

Monty the Border Terrier

Debbie and Monty the Border Terrier
I was astonished at the change in him after our first meeting. I was in control in my own home and by the 3rd night he was sleeping downstairs and I could see the way forward. I had a plan and knew what I needed to do, be calm but assertive and to only ask for something when he was on a lead, when I was in control and he was waiting for me to show him the way.

Dexter, Kipper and Charlie the cat

Meryl and Dexter
Sally you are a lifesaver – literally! I seriously doubt we would still have our dog, Dexter if it wasn’t for your intervention. Your help and advice plus patience and perseverance have meant that we still have a gorgeous little tinker as part of our family.

Charlie the Golden Doodle

Charlie the Golden Doodle
Our dog Charlie is a 20 month old Golden Doodle who is incredibly friendly and at times very excitable, however his exuberance, whilst being lovely to watch had lead to a few problems. He could no longer be let off the lead as he would not come back, when on the lead he often pulled and jumped up and mouthed.

Winnie the Springer/Poodle cross

Winnie and family
It was the veterinary nurse who first gave me Sally's number. I stored it on my phone, not really convinced that I would call - I was sure I could do this on my own, after all, Winnie's not the first dog I've ever had. The realisation that I couldn't, was a painful lesson to learn, as Winnie bit me when I tried to take one of her treats off her.

The Border Collie Report

Sally and the collies
In January I was in tears and saying I would rather deal with a tantrum throwing toddler than a puppy any day. Now he (Sam) and the others are a joy to be with. With Sally’s patient handling of both them and us we have managed to turn what I thought was an impossible situation into a joyous one.

Archie the Retriever and Daisy the Wheaten Terrier

Archie the Retriever and Daisy the Wheaten Terrier
Sally came along and has been a tremendous help in showing me how to train Archie and Daisy. They are already a lot calmer, allowing friends to come in to the house without barking and jumping up at them.

Betsy the Rescue Dog

Betsy the Rescue Dog
I was beginning to worry that my 9 month old rescue dog was showing signs of assuming the position of very top dog. I had badly broken my wrist and training was not going to plan. Then I heard about Sally and I started to think, and hope the situation could be reversed.

Progress on The Collie Pack

Paula and the collie pack
Sally has been a regular visitor to our home over the last few months. The dogs recognised a pack leader when they saw one were model citizens for her practically from the outset.

The Collie Pack

Sammy the collie
Things had gotten a bit out of hand in recent months, to put it mildly. Sally is helping us bring some peace and order to our lives. We haven't quite got there yet but we can see what is possible.

Bagel the Beagle

Bagel the Beagle
Sally has taught us how to be the Alpha male and how to deal with Bagel so that he is now a calm, submissive dog, not all the time but it is an ongoing situation.

Elvis the Black Labrador

Elvis the Black Labrador
Hi, My name is Elvis. For nearly 4 years I did exactly as I pleased – pulled and barked on the lead when out for walks; went after every dog I saw and did not come when called.

Shiloh the Tamaskan

Shiloh the Tamaskan

Update: I have a beautiful 3 year old Tamaskan (new breed of dog, looks very like a wolf but not a wolf hybrid). He is bright, athletic but very strong willed and as dominant as he is able to be.

Gemma the Border Collie

Sally and Gemma the Border Collie
The arrival of Gemma, the six year old border collie, took us by surprise. She was an unsolicited gift from an old friend who was having difficulty managing her.

Mika the German Shepherd

Mika the German Shepherd
If we had not come to you in their early life, they would probably be restricted to walking on flexi-leads in quiet country lanes! But as it is we have no problem taking them to busy town centres, parks full of dogs or down canalsides full of ducks and other birds!

Loki the German Shepherd

Sally and Loki the German Shepherd
From the moment Sally came through the door Loki, my GSD, 'knew' this lady meant business... we've all seen it on the TV, well, believe me, I saw it in my own living room! You could feel her calm control, Loki certainly did!

Connie the Jack Russell

Connie the Jack Russell
Sally is in my mind the British answer to Caesar Milan. She is always kind but firm. To get instant results talk to Sally Barnes, the dog has learnt the lingo much quicker than I have.

Hattie the Border Collie

Hattie the Border Collie
We rang Sally as we had an 8 year old, beautiful and extremely intelligent Border Collie who showed classic traits as trying to be the pack leader in the absence of us assuming that responsibility.


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