Ted and Pippin

Ted and Pippin

We have two rescue dogs, Ted and Pippin.

Giving these two boys a safe and loving home has been incredibly rewarding but walking them both together was becoming incredibly stressful. As soon as we left the house Pippin was over threshold looking for other dogs, people, livestock - and if we did run into a dog he would be on his back legs, barking and running in circles or alternatively refusing to move away from the dog. In turn this was making it hard to give Ted enough attention to calmly and quietly walk past other dogs - I felt embarrassed and always tried to walk early in the morning away from busy spots.

We tried different trainers and I researched countless techniques to get the boys in check but nothing seemed to work! Until we found Sally.

We had our initial session with Sally on a video call. Sally observed both of the dogs and asked us questions about their lifestyle. Through this in turn we learnt that our dogs were bossy and spoilt, always getting what they wanted and not having enough boundaries at home which was causing the chaos when we stepped out the house. Everything Sally said made perfect sense and was all about taking the dogs back to living a natural ‘dog’ life.

We are now nearly a week in to our training and the change in the boys has been incredible. Around the house they are more relaxed and barking has significantly decreased - so much so our weekend visitors even commented! They are both walking calmly on the lead and looking to us for leadership and guidance.

I was worried that the changes would make me feel less attached to the boys - but quite to the contrary. It has been lovely watching them change and respond and they now get rewarded for all their hard work. It is still really early days but I am confident we can continue to learn together and I am already looking forward to long peaceful walks, trips to the beach and maybe even lunch in the pub.

If you’re feeling anxious and stressed about walking your dogs - don’t do it any more - I’d highly recommend contacting Sally

Thanks Vita & Mark