Wilf the Spaniel

Wilf the Spaniel

Wilf is still only just over a year old and, as we expected, a work in progress. BUT he is transformed from the unpredictable, dominant young spaniel he was a few weeks ago. It has been hard work - we now realise that, although we have had many dogs before, we were entrenched in bad habits.

By following Sally's advice, Wilf is now learning his place in the pecking order. He no longer jumps all over furniture and people, he waits to go through doors and gates behind us, is walking so much better on the lead and, most importantly, will let us groom him and take things out of his mouth without snapping at us - which is a really big step forward as we had some very frightening and painful episodes before we contacted Sally. I was aware that if he bit somebody outside the house (and he bit us hard enough to draw blood a number of times) his future would be uncertain. He is now much more relaxed around the house and obeys (most) commands without thinking twice - and without being bribed by the gravy bones we used previously. He is turning into a happy and well balanced little dog - having been hyperactive and verging on aggressive.

Sally's advice has been incredibly useful and I only wish we had known all this information a year ago so we could have trained him properly from a young puppy.

Sally Hopkinson