Wilson the Collie/Labrador Cross

Wilson the Collie/Labrador Cross

We contacted Sally as we knew this would be our last chance to resolve behavioural issues for our six year old dog. We couldn't even bear thinking about what would happen to our dog if we didn't resolve them.

During our initial conversation with Sally, we explained that his main issue was with guarding of food... only as soon as she entered into the house she signalled to us there were a lot more issues than this. Behaviours we had encouraged, accepted and ignored had produced a very insecure and highly anxious dog, which unfortunately placed him (or so he felt he had to be) Pack Leader with aggressive tendencies.

This was quite an emotional realisation for us as we'd considered ourselves to be 'good owners', we'd followed advice from other behaviourists, worked him to burn off his energy and provided him with everything he needed yet the specific behaviours continued. Sally explained simply and clearly why he displayed these behaviours and it all clicked.

Watching her work was amazing; we could see how we needed to change and the impact these changes would have on our dog. Yes the advice seems hard, but at the end of the session our dog loved Sally and didn't want to leave her side. He knew where he stood with her, and this is where we had let him down.

So now the hard work really begins to ensure these changes remain, we're feeling confident but we know we must remain consistent as we follow and implement her advice. We couldn't recommend Sally enough; we've gained invaluable advice, support and practical guidance to help our dog become the calm, secure and relaxed dog he deserves to be.