Frightened of Dogs?

Sally-Jane, Ian and Sally's dogs Boy and Chiot

It was an absolute delight walking in the park with you and your two dogs.

I have never seen two better trained and well-behaved dogs. My husband is terrified of dogs, so when we are out walking I have got into the habit of continually swapping sides so that I am always between him and any passing dog. It was lovely to see him seeming so relaxed with your dogs. I never thought I would see the day when he would sit with not just one but two German Shepherd dogs at his feet, especially as this is the breed of dog he is most scared off. And when he found the confidence to stroke one of them it brought tears to my eyes!

Obviously he is not completely cured of his fear after just an hour, but thanks to you and your lovely dogs he has taken an important first step.

Thanks for the photos. I've shown them to a few people and they can't believe it's Ian! Everybody had congratulated him.

Warmest wishes,

Sally-Jayne & Ian

I wanted to say thank you very much for spending your time with us in Warwick yesterday, and for your understanding and help.

I have had a fear of all dogs for as long as I can remember and, although slightly less extreme these days than when I was a child, it still does affect me, especially when walking in parks or the countryside where people go to exercise their dogs. I would usually be very scared to walk past dogs that are not on a lead and, in some cases, with large breeds such as German shepherds, would be very nervous even if they are on a lead. I never would have thought that I had it in me to be around dogs with almost no fear, even to sit with them and stroke them, as I did yesterday. Your understanding and recognition of my fear set me at my ease, as many people think it is a silly fear and will somehow be "cured" just by their friendly dogs playing with me and being around me. Because you respected my fear, I was more confident around the dogs, and more open to following your example of how to interact with them.

It was a totally unexpected way to spend the afternoon, but one I will not forget in a hurry. It was both emotional and enjoyable at the same time. Once again, many thanks for your time and company.

The dogs were probably the best behaved I have ever seen, a credit to you and your abilities as a trainer. I hope that meeting the three of you will be the start of me having a better relationship with dogs and less fear in the future.

With very best wishes,